event details

Who attended

  • Government policymakers from economic and education arenas worldwide, including regulators and lawmakers
  • Non-governmental organization leaders
  • School administrators and educators teaching financial literacy
  • Members of international and regional economic organization
  • Charitable foundations that support community and economic development
  • Academics researching or developing financial literacy curricula
  • Journalists covering personal finance, economics, government and education
  • Mobile technology experts

Key questions that were addressed

  • Which financial education solutions have been the most effective in expanding equal access for people of all ages worldwide?
  • How does equal access to financial education tools and resources change by region?
  • Which demographic is most at risk for not having equal access to financial education tools?
  • What are the best practices for providing equal access to financial education?
  • Which financial literacy initiatives for improving personal finance levels have the greatest potential of reaching people of all ages?
  • How have innovation and mobile technology expanded access to financial education tools which helps individuals improve their money management skills?
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