Make a Commitment to Advance Financial Education For Those Who Need It

The 10th annual Financial Literacy Summit is not just a benchmark on how far we have collectively come in working to improve financial education around the globe. It also serves as a reminder that much work remains to ensure every citizen has the knowledge and skills to manage their money wisely.

To bring even more tools and resources that teach money skills to people worldwide, it takes a collective effort. No single organization can solve this challenge however small steps quickly add up to large strides.

We encourage all attendees and viewers who are involved with financial literacy programs to renew your own commitments to advance personal finance education — be it at home, in your community, in the workplace or in the classroom.

Together, we can make a significant positive impact by improving the opportunities and economic futures of people globally.

Share Your Commitment

Please complete the following form to share what you will do to provide money management skills and tools to those who need them most. By sharing your ideas, your work may be chosen to be shared and celebrated leading up to the 2017 Financial Literacy Summit.

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Financial Literacy and Education Summit 2015

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The 9th annual event addressed improving millennials' financial literacy capabilities via mobile technology.
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